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Friday, April 27th 2012

5:04 PM

Preteen porn lolita mpeg


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Part 1 Zach and Bobby Get a lolitas young nude pictures SurpriseZach and Bobby knew they were in deep trouble. They had been summoned to their tutor's room, initially, for a dressing down, but they both guessed that they would be sent to the Dean and sent down after that. Both guys were almost wetting themselves, their parents would go ballistic. Neither could think of any mitigating circumstance that would get them off the hook.Mike Bentine was the Assistant Professor who was tutor to both guys. He had a mighty dilemma over this one. He liked both students, they were conscientious, never missed lectures, adequate sportsmen, normally no trouble. Also, they were definite eye candy to him. Mike was gay and lusted after both these guys. He lolitas bbs nymphets top had seen them on the sports field and noted their quite obvious boxes even wearing jockstraps. He would love to have taken either or both of them to bed, indulging his own craving. Or the voyeur in him produced copious quantities of pre-cum thinking teen lolli art nude about them having sex together. He didn't get any indication from his Gaydar that either boy was gay so it remained a pipe dream for him.Zach had a small amount of hair on his chest and hairy legs, which Mike would love to shave, but Bobby was smooth all over as far as Mike could make out. That for him was a massive turn on. He loved to rim and could picture himself between Bobby's legs rimming his cute ass, spending ages licking him from ball sack to anus.`Ah well, stop dreaming Mike', was his thought as he waited for the guys to arrive. Their breach of college rules meant he would dress them down for their stupidity, although he would much rather undress them, and then he would send them to the Dean. He knew that they would then lose their college place which would almost certainly ruin their lives.Mike's college room was a cross between a sitting room and a laboratory. He did some work here rather than use the computer workshop, but he liked the guys to be comfortable and relaxed during their tutorials. A couple of stools at a work bench, a simple office chair at his desk and a counter top with a sink installed made up the working side of this room, and armchairs, a sofa and coffee table made up the sitting area with several large plants around to add to the feeling of relaxation that he liked to engender. When the guys knocked and entered, Mike was at the work bench on a stool. He swung round to face them, stood in front of him looking very contrite."I should just have sent you straight to the Dean, but I wanted to tell you both how sorry I am that I can't let this go unpunished and I don't have any punishments at my behest that I can render. I know he will send you down unless you have an incredible mitigating circumstance for your actions. What a pity we aren't allowed to punish like they did before the war. You would have sore bottoms for a few weeks, but at least you would still be studying here."Zach looked up then and spoke."Please Sir, if we said we would accept your punishment and not disclose your actions outside of this room couldn't you decide a suitable punishment. I would accept anything you wanted to do if it keeps me at college."Mike looked at Bobby, "Do you feel the same way Bobby?""Yes Sir, my father will plaster my backside using his belt when I am sent down so I would put up with you doing it instead."Mike's thoughts were going ninety to the dozen after those comments. `God, he could probably have his wish and watch these guys have sex as well as indulge himself.'"Let me get this quite clear. Both of you will accept any punishment, and humiliation I like to inflict on you if I don't send you to the Dean, and I can carry out any actions I like until I consider your debt is paid. Is that correct?"Both guys looked at each other and then looked back at Mike.They scoped out their professor before replying, wondering what he meant by the humiliation bit, corporal punishment they would accept, but humiliation. What on earth could he do? He was young, they guessed only 26 or 27, but he frequently looked younger, very fit, they knew, because they saw him working out frequently. He had even taken them for a couple of tutorials while he was working out in the gym. He was well built with well defined musculature. Difficult to tell what his manhood was like because he was always cinched in tight with fairly loose shorts and his dress trousers were usually hidden behind a laboratory coat. The overall picture was of a handsome academic. Neither boy thought about the sex side of Mike's life. They guessed he was a bachelor because he lived in staff quarters on campus, but lots of professors married late in life so they weren't surprised at that."What do you mean Sir, humiliation?""Zach, if I allow your suggestion do you really believe a good strapping would balance the scales against the ruination of your careers and dreams for the future?"Zach looked uncomfortable."No Sir, but if the action remains in this room what humiliation could you render?""Anything I think of, but I'm not going to discuss it. You either accept my conditions or you go to the Dean.""In that case Sir, I accept.""I do as well," said Bobby."Very well, I will give this some thought but as a first time I want you both naked stood where you are at present with your feet apart and your hands underage nonnude lolitas models behind your backs. You had better go and lock the door first Zach."Both guys looked quite shocked and did nothing."Now, get naked."Mike had said the last words very forcefully and the guys jumped to it. Zach locked the door and was back in place stripping in seconds. They were very reluctant to part with their underwear and looked sideways at each other as they finished."Now turn and face each other. You might as well scope each other out now because you are going to be seeing each other like this frequently until the end of the semester."Mike was scoping them out as well, noting their groin areas particularly. Both guys looked to be more than adequately hung which pleased him, and he was even more pleased that his assessment of Bobby was correct, he appeared to have no hair anywhere but above his cock and under his arms."Bend over and grip your knees Bobby, Zach, you move in and steady his shoulders, I don't want him falling over while I spank him."The effect was perfect. Zach's cock was only inches from Bobby's face. Mike walked round behind Bobby and told him to open his legs wider. The result had Mike hard as iron, he was so pleased he was wearing his lab coat, there was no way his trousers would have concealed the bulge. He stood directly behind Bobby and gave him a good solid ten with his bare hands. Each one forced him forward a little which had him touching Zach's cock every time. Mike was delighted to see Zach extending, but disappointed he didn't get completely erect. They reversed roles for Zach to receive his ten getting Bobby a little better than semi hard as well. Both lolita model image boards guys had pink bottoms when he finished, as well as pink faces."You may dress now. I will send for you again when I have decided on further punishment and humiliation. Be warned it will probably be humiliation because I don't want to bruise your bottoms and spoil you for your sports."Both guys dressed quickly and left. Mike relocked the door and beat off thinking about what he had seen. Bobby's hairless bottom was to die for. He would love to have got on his knees and licked his pretty anus and the cheeks surrounding it. Now, to think about choreographing some serious sex and probably indulging himself sometimes.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mike satisfies his lust in the next part
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Thursday, April 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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